Babyside Bedside Deluxe Crib

Babyside Bedside Deluxe Crib

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Jane Babyside Crib 2019

Multi-functional crib complete with coordinating bedding

The Babyside cot from Jané is the easiest and most convenient way of sharing the bed with your baby. The telescopic legs and 6 height positions make it easy to fit onto any type of bed. Now you can sleep easy knowing that your baby can enjoy his own space.

Babyside can also be used as a standalone cot, by raising one of the sides. Thanks to the four independent wheels with brake, it is easy to move and it folds up for easy travel. The mattress of the Babyside cot is reclinable, so it can be set to the most comfortable position for the baby.

It includes the duvet, duvet cover which can also be used separately as a blanket, fitted bottom sheet and cushion with cover. All removable and washable.



  • This latest version of the Babyside crib has new side windows to increase visibility to see baby.

  • Sleep close to your baby without having to share the same bed.

  • Suitable from birth to 9 kg, 0-6 months approx.

  • 4 piece bedding set included, 100% cotton ( 1 x Fitted bottom sheet, 1 x Cushion with cover,1 x Duvet, and 1 x Duvet cover with a special design that envelops the mattress base, keeping it in place so preventing the quilt raising up and covering the baby's head). All removable and washable.
    Duvet cover can also be used separately as a coordinating top sheet, without the duvet.

  • Mattress included.

  • 6 height positions to ensure compatibility with beds and drawers.

  • You can simply tilt the crib to help with baby's congestion and reflux, helping to breathe better..

  • Easy to manoeuvre using the 4 swivel wheels fitted with brakes.

  • Simple and safe fastening system for attaching to parent’s bed.

  • Fits all types of beds easily, even divans as the Jané's Babyside feet retract to allow the crib to move up close to the frame and mattress.

  • Net window for air circulation.

  • Easy transported as it folds up in seconds.

  • As your baby grows it can be used as a standalone crib.

  • Bed size: 50 x 82.5 cm

  • Unfolded: L 92 x W 67 x H 68-79 cm

  • Folded: L 94 x W 68 x H 17 cm

  • Weight: 10kg





The Jané Babyside crib has 6 level positions. 
The height of the parents’ mattress should always be higher than the mattress of the co-sleeping cot.
From the Mattress of the Jané Babyside crib, up to the lower side of the co-sleeping window when open is 6 cm high, so the level of the parents bed always needs to be 6cm higher than the mattress of the Jane Babyside crib. Below is a table showing the recommend corresponding height of the adult bed mattress when using it in co-sleeping mode.

Corresponding height recommendations of the adult bed when next to the Jane Babyside Crib

Jane Babyside Mattress HeightParents Bed Mattress Height   Level 137 cm43 cmLevel 239.2 cm45.2 cmLevel 341.4 cm47.4 cmLevel 443.6 cm49.6 cmLevel 545.8 cm51.8 cmLevel 648 cm54 cm *

* If the level of the mattress of the Parents bed is even higher than 54cm there is no problem, however we would recommend the limit of 70cm.