2 Stage Cushion to combat Plagiocephaly

2 Stage Cushion to combat Plagiocephaly

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+ Description

2-Stage Cushion to Combat Plagiocephaly

Stage 1: for 0-4 months approx. To combat plagiocephaly.

To combat plagiocephaly. The baby’s head is positioned right in the centre but because of the special shape the baby has mobility to turn his head without being exposed to malformations, in the event of the baby sleeping on one side more than the other.

Stage 2: Anti-choking cushion.

+ Features

  • Suitable from 0 months +
  • Both covers outside 100% cotton, inside visco-elastic.
  • Can be used for the cot or carrycot.
  • Features - 2 Stages - Anti-choking cushion, and helps reduce the risk of Flat Head Syndrome.
  • Dimensions approx: 37.2 x 27.1 x 5 cm
  • Hypoallergenic