Bamboo Muslin XL 120x120cm Cloth

Bamboo Muslin XL 120x120cm Cloth

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Bamboo Muslins XL

Multi-purpose muslin cloth made of natural cotton and bamboo fabric with multiple designs for every day.

These extra-large muslin cloths are twice the size of our regular cloths making them ideal for using to swaddle your baby, as well as mopping up spills. The Jané muslins come in a variety of colours and designs.


  • 120 x 120cm (these XL muslins are almost twice the size of normal muslins).
  • Can be used as a cover for breastfeeding, burping baby or used for swaddling.
  • The muslins are made from 100% cotton with bamboo fabric, which is cool and breathable.
  • Cool and breathable - perfect for use in hot countries.
  • Perfect for mopping up spills.
  • Can be used as a comfort blanket
  • Soft, comfortable and absorbent.