Jane Kangaroo Baby Carrier - Soil

Jane Kangaroo Baby Carrier - Soil

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+ Description

Comfortable papoose with an ergonomic abdominal belt that spreads the weight between the back and hips. This baby carrier is designed to last longer than traditional baby carriers; suitable from birth to 2 years (3.5kg to 15kg). It’s the ideal way to develop a close bond between parent and baby with the comfort and reassurance of your heart beat. This baby carrier has the advantage of being able to accommodate your baby in 1 or 3 positions; either facing inwards or outwards on the front or as a back carrier.


+ Features

• Suitable from birth to 2 years, 3.5 - 15 kg.

• 3 position carrier – front - forward facing, front - rearward facing or as back carrier.

• New design spreads the weight between the hips and the back. Helps the baby's hips to develop correctly.

• Interior flap to choose the position of the baby's legs.

• Easy loading of baby - Large opening that easily clips open makes it much easier to get your baby in and out.

• Wider 7 cm, luxuriously padded straps that relieve shoulder strain and give optimal comfort and support even for older children.

• 2 positions for baby when facing inwards: (1) baby’s legs held against the adult’s hips, and (2) Baby’s legs hanging down – ideal when they get older.

• Breathable interior material for baby’s comfort.

• Lower back support. Easy and quick to adjust.

• Padding to hold and support your baby’s back in place.

• Adjustable head support for baby.

• Reinforced with a mesh.